TravelChain ICO (TT)

We create smart travelling ecosystem

TravelChain is decentralized blockchain-based platform which provides accessible and authentic smart-data to let business know their clients better and to help travelers experience the best customer service. We are going to provide equal access to data exchange for all players in the market. We create an open public blockchain that can be managed by each travel market player. We believe that will be improving technology and a brand new breakthrough solution within 3-5 years, which create a new standards for how people travel.

Cryptocurrency Tourism

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Token TT
Platform Separate blockchain
Raised $1,321,653
Country Russia
ICO Start Date 10 Dec 2017
ICO End Date 12 Mar 2018

About TravelChain

We have created TravelChain to solve the main problems of the tourism industry

  • Now users share their data for free, for example, with Google or Apple - and do not get anything in return.
  • TravelChain users will control their data deciding who and when may access them. They will also start getting profit on them.
  • All data concerning tourist preferences will be stored in a public blockchain. This is the way small and medium-sized businesses could get access to user data, which they cannot afford now.
  • It will be a breakthrough – smart algorithms and services that predict desires of travelers and pick a perfect tour for everyone will appear.
  • Even small hotels will be able to make a personal offer to each tourist and compete on an equal footing with the largest networks. This is how TravelChain will stop the monopoly of the giants who now own 95% of the market.


Desmond Marshall member of TravelChain ICO
Desmond Marshall
Alex Tourski member of TravelChain ICO
Alex Tourski
Dmitry Machikhin member of TravelChain ICO
Dmitry Machikhin
Eduard Dzhamgaryan member of TravelChain ICO
Eduard Dzhamgaryan
Tony Simonovsky member of TravelChain ICO
Tony Simonovsky
Ilya Orlov member of TravelChain ICO
Ilya Orlov
Orkhan Zeynally member of TravelChain ICO
Orkhan Zeynally
Artem Bogomolov member of TravelChain ICO
Artem Bogomolov
Front-end Developer
Zurab Shivarbidze member of TravelChain ICO
Zurab Shivarbidze
Front-end Developer
Mikhail Sezemov member of TravelChain ICO
Mikhail Sezemov
Marketing Manager
Roman Ufaev member of TravelChain ICO
Roman Ufaev
Head of Media Integration and Traffic
Ivan Begunov member of TravelChain ICO
Ivan Begunov
Head of Public Relations
Rodik Mik member of TravelChain ICO
Rodik Mik
International Affairs Manager
Sergey Logvin member of TravelChain ICO
Sergey Logvin
HR Manager


  • 1

    December 2017

    Stage target: attract up to $10,000,000 for TravelChain coding and development.

  • 2

    January 2018

    Preparing for TravelChain launch
    Stage target: preparing to launch the TravelChain working network.

  • 3

    February 2018

    Working network launch
    Stage target: launch the TravelChain working network providing the opportunity to first developers to design their own applications

  • 4

    Q1-Q2 2018

    Preparation of information collection tools
    Stage target: the stage goal is to prepare and launch information collection tools.

  • 5

    Q2 2018

    Partners integration
    Stage target: integrate strategic partners from the tourism sector of the economy

  • 6

    Q2 2018

    Creation of the developers community.
    Stage target: create a community of developers ready to embed TravelChain in the finished projects, or create their own ones

  • 7

    Q2-Q3 2018

    Coins distribution and critical mass.
    Stage target: launch the token distribution through ecosystem projects, development teams and active users to gain a critical mass of participants

  • 8

    Q1-Q2 2019

    Infrastructure for scaling
    Stage target: arrange infrastructure solutions to scale TravelChain


Token Sale Info
Token TT
Platform Separate blockchain
Tokens for Sale 693000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 33%
Hard cap 10000000 USD
Raised $1,321,653

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