Whalesburg ICO (WBT)

Worlds First Enterprice Ready Platform

Whalesburg is a mining software bundle which incorporates three components: multi-currency mining pool with a profit-switching algorithm, remote hardware monitoring software and a large-scale overclocking tool. The team have released proof-of-concept version and updated it to an MVP which is a stand-alone working product. Miners will need to hodl a certain amount of WBT to be able to use the platform and voting system (decentralized governance).

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Token WBT
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 WBT = 0.0000718 ETH
Country Czech Republic
ICO Start Date 30 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 30 May 2018

About Whalesburg

Whalesburg mining platform is a software bundle for cryptocurrency miners.

Our software has three primary goals: simplify the setup of your mining operation; increase your yield; offer you the best time-saving mining tools.

It consists of five main parts: multi-currency mining pool; operating system; whalesburg Cloud; profit-switching solution; hardware monitoring & management software.

WHALESBURG is the first crypto-mining platform with an profit-switching algorithm!


John Kitkin member of Whalesburg ICO
John Kitkin
Co-founder, CEO
Vladimir Protasevich member of Whalesburg ICO
Vladimir Protasevich
Co-Founder, CTO
Nurlan Abdrassilov member of Whalesburg ICO
Nurlan Abdrassilov
Chief Operating Officer
Dana De Alasei member of Whalesburg ICO
Dana De Alasei
Data Scientist
Igor Netkachev member of Whalesburg ICO
Igor Netkachev
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Igor Barynkin member of Whalesburg ICO
Igor Barynkin
Back-end developer
Rostislav Katin member of Whalesburg ICO
Rostislav Katin
Full-stack developer
Ivan Korjavin member of Whalesburg ICO
Ivan Korjavin
Mining pool developer
Roman Faizullin member of Whalesburg ICO
Roman Faizullin
Frontend Developer
Andrei Moskvitch member of Whalesburg ICO
Andrei Moskvitch
Vitaly Lagutik member of Whalesburg ICO
Vitaly Lagutik
Community Manager
Vasily Ivanov member of Whalesburg ICO
Vasily Ivanov
Crypto-community Advisor
Alexander Salomatov member of Whalesburg ICO
Alexander Salomatov
Mining Experience Advisor
Arseniy Grusha member of Whalesburg ICO
Arseniy Grusha
Mining Experience Advisor
Adrian Huwyler member of Whalesburg ICO
Adrian Huwyler
Digital Marketing Advisor
Hartej Sawhney member of Whalesburg ICO
Hartej Sawhney
Security Advisor
Nodari Kolmakhidze member of Whalesburg ICO
Nodari Kolmakhidze
Financial Advisor
Nourdine Zabat member of Whalesburg ICO
Nourdine Zabat
Token Sale Advisor
Dmitry Fedotov member of Whalesburg ICO
Dmitry Fedotov
Token Sale Advisor


  • 1

    2018 Q1

    MVP; Hashrate for tests; Consulting services; Market research; Assessing customer needs; Integration with other platforms; Investors communication; Prototyping the platform; Security audit; Partnership acquisition; Building developers team; Legal documentation.

  • 2

    2018 Q2

    Technical support; Multicurrency mining pool; Autoswitching; algorithm ETH payouts; Platform UI/UX; design Auto exchange.

  • 3

    2018 Q3

    Real-time mining monitoring tool; Fiat payouts; Community driven development; Whalesburg Cloud; Mining profiles; Financial reports.

  • 4

    2018 Q4

    Overclocking/Downvolting; Mobile application; One-click hardware updates; Overclocking; Smart notifications; Benchmarking.

  • 5

    2019 Q1

    Firmware and config database; 24/7 support; Recommendations; Downvolting; Operating system release.


Token Sale Info
Token WBT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 WBT = 0.0000718 ETH
Tokens for Sale 66000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 66%
Soft cap 1,000 ETH
Hard cap 3,800 ETH

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