The Only Blockchain Verified Product Reviews

The Only Blockchain Verified Product Reviews Platform. Zapit Is The Need Which Adds Trust Between Amazon Sellers, Consumers & Product Evaluators. Consumers Are Tired Of Fake Positive Reviews While Amazon Sellers Are Frustrated With Negative Review Campaigns From Competitors. Product Evaluators Need To Get Paid For Their Time. How Can This Problem Be Solved While Creating A Win-Win For Everyone?

Platform Ethereum
Country India
ICO Start Date 30 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 28 Feb 2018


In an increasingly digital world, most of the shopping has now started happening online. E-commerce websites and online shopping portals offer attractive discount coupons and rewards in order to retain customers and get new customers, credit and debit card companies offer rewards on making purchases through cards, and airline companies offer air-miles in order to retain passengers. One of the biggest problems for consumers is in determining whether the products that are being offered online are genuine.

Amazon is perhaps the biggest online retail stores in the world. Amazon’s e-commerce dominance is giving brick-and-mortar retailers a good run for their money. Over the decade of 2006-2016, Amazon’s annual net revenue reached almost $136 billion USD with an online consumer base reach of 310 million users1. However, the platform is not devoid of its own issues. The problem of fake reviews on Amazon has been persistent and sellers are facing an unnatural decrease in sales while Amazon has reported multiple cases of review abuse. With more than 598 million products on sale in USA itself, the validity of reviews becomes a matter of great concern to all three parties involved – Amazon, Amazon Sellers, and Buyers.

For sellers one of the main issues is the presence of fake negative reviews on their products. On the other hand, for consumers, an increasing amount of fake positive reviews creates an issue in terms of trusting the information available online. Thus, the need of the hour is the existence of a platform that caters to both – the consumer and the seller. Hence, Zapit aims to create a safe space wherein consumers can trust reviews and sellers will be able to shield their products from fake negative reviews.


Amit Jesani member of ZAPIT ICO
Amit Jesani
President, Tend Skin Store Inc.
Ashutosh Valani member of ZAPIT ICO
Ashutosh Valani
Beardo, Zed Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
Priyank Shah member of ZAPIT ICO
Priyank Shah
Beardo, Zed Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
Darshil Vora member of ZAPIT ICO
Darshil Vora
Experience Designer, Salesforce
Rushirajsinh Jadeja member of ZAPIT ICO
Rushirajsinh Jadeja
Block Chain Developer
Hardik Patel member of ZAPIT ICO
Hardik Patel
Block Chain Developer
Ishit Jethwa member of ZAPIT ICO
Ishit Jethwa
Design Lead, Zapit
Sharva Jethwa member of ZAPIT ICO
Sharva Jethwa
Full Stack Developer, Zapit
Dan Verakis member of ZAPIT ICO
Dan Verakis
Global Brand Loyalty, Transformation & Engagement Executive
Varun Chopra member of ZAPIT ICO
Varun Chopra
Vice President, Merchant Acquisition, Leading Global Bank
Sean Smith member of ZAPIT ICO
Sean Smith
Founder and CEO, Jungle Hustle
David Newton member of ZAPIT ICO
David Newton
Head of Digital, Leading Global Bank
Apoorv Ranjan Sharma member of ZAPIT ICO
Apoorv Ranjan Sharma
President, Venture Catalysts
Ravin Mody member of ZAPIT ICO
Ravin Mody
Chief Financial Officer, Future Consumer Limited
Pankaj Saluja member of ZAPIT ICO
Pankaj Saluja
Partner, Bain & Company
Vikas Kannav member of ZAPIT ICO
Vikas Kannav
Head of Internet of Things - Australia & NZ
Jenny Vyas member of ZAPIT ICO
Jenny Vyas
CEO at Digital Jen, Inc. | Mixed Media Artist.
Sahil Wadhwa member of ZAPIT ICO
Sahil Wadhwa
Vice President Finance - Advance Auto Parts
Nimish Menon member of ZAPIT ICO
Nimish Menon
Vice President at Leading Global Bank



Token Sale Info
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 40%

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