List of Infrastructure active ICOs

Omnitude logo

Omnitude is a radical concept in blockchain eco-systems. Utilising Omnitude as an integration layer ...

Start Date: 28 Mar 2018
End Date: 25 Apr 2018
4 days left
ICO Pass logo

It is the easiest way to do KYC checks. In a matter of minutes ICO Pass verifies authenticity of per...

Start Date: 06 Apr 2018
End Date: 06 May 2018
15 days left
Bitnation logo

Pangea is a secure mesh network forming a distributed web, accessed through a smartphone-chat user f...

Start Date: 25 Mar 2018
End Date: 24 Apr 2018
3 days left
ehab logo

A blockchain based platform which empowers people to collaboratively build and finance innovative, a...

Start Date: 01 Mar 2018
End Date: 30 Apr 2018
9 days left
Further Network logo

The Further is an innovative technology company positively disrupts Airline & Travel ecosystem with ...

Start Date: 27 Mar 2018
End Date: 24 Apr 2018
3 days left
ArchiCoin logo

The fact of certain purchase of tokens from the stock exchange every time you use the platform is ex...

Start Date: 01 Apr 2018
End Date: 01 May 2018
10 days left
BEAT logo

Everyday we generate billions of data points about our health and fitness - when we do sports, when ...

Start Date: 20 Feb 2018
End Date: 15 May 2018
24 days left
Krosscoin logo

Krosscoin is a very elegant concept: we build innovative apps that have a large customer base potent...

Start Date: 14 Mar 2018
End Date: 12 May 2018
21 days left
4.4 logo

While automakers are striving to invest into eVTOL developers and taxi companies are buying up roofs...

Start Date: 05 Apr 2018
End Date: 31 May 2018
40 days left
Unibright logo

Unibright empowers business process specialists to enable a complete blockchain based business integ...

Start Date: 10 Apr 2018
End Date: 10 May 2018
19 days left
Augmate logo

As an original Google Glass @ Work partner, Augmate was originally created to serve the needs of wor...

Start Date: 01 Jan 2018
End Date: 30 Jun 2018
70 days left
Morpheus Network logo

Morpheus Network simplifies and automates the logistics needed for any complex, international shipme...

Start Date: 22 Mar 2018
End Date: 22 Apr 2018
1 days left
VISO logo

VISO is a solution to a number of problems. VISO resolves buyers’ problems by enabling buyers to m...

Start Date: 05 Mar 2018
End Date: 30 Apr 2018
9 days left
Robotina logo

For the first time in the history, opportunity, technology, as well as legal and social conditions a...

Start Date: 21 Mar 2018
End Date: 30 Apr 2018
9 days left
Starflow  logo

Starflow is a blockchain-powered ecosystem for the influencer economy. The platform consists of a co...

Start Date: 05 Mar 2018
End Date: 03 Jul 2018
73 days left
Iagon logo

IAGON is a platform for harnessing the storage capacities and processing power of multiple computers...

Start Date: 02 Apr 2018
End Date: 30 Apr 2018
9 days left
XYO Network logo

With over 1 million location-verifying beacons already in the world, XYO is blockchain's first crypt...

Start Date: 20 Mar 2018
End Date: 21 May 2018
30 days left

Dafzo is the World's first decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform which is about the disrupt th...

Start Date: 29 Mar 2018
End Date: 29 Apr 2018
8 days left
Elementh logo

Elementh is a blockchain for e-commerce, which is a register of ownership of goods with the ability ...

Start Date: 01 Apr 2018
End Date: 01 May 2018
10 days left
Friend Unifying Platform logo

The Friend Unifying Platform is a powerful open source framework that will allow developers to decou...

Start Date: 16 Apr 2018
End Date: 16 May 2018
25 days left
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